“Hey There,

I’m Indrajeet Singh Ranawat

I’m 17 years old blogger & affiliate marketer & Founder of uniqeBlog, I also help people to create their blog & rank it at top positions. “

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let’s open old memories

I hate to write my school homework but here I can write enough blog posts with my own ideas.

because I love to do blogging, My heart is connected with blogging. I did so much work in the past in different fields but……

Indrajeet singh ranawat & his father

my father gave me money for the ASE event ticket without any question & only I am here after that event.

My Father is the only one who only helped me, in my blogging career. I am nothing without my father.

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Indrajeet Blogger

hi, I am indrajeet singh ranawat

I am a student in class 12th & not going to school for blogging but also ranking in class.

blogging is life, blogging is everything to me. I love to do blogging & I can.

Who Is Indrajeet Singh Ranawat?

Indrajeet Singh Ranawat is a 17-year-old blogger, Youtuber, and affiliate marketer. You can also call him a Content Creator. At this young age, he is making more than $1000/mo which is nearly ₹80,000 From his blogs and youtube channel.